Announcing the Engagement!

Brides ask us about the best way to announcement their engagement. It is happy news and you'll want to share it with everyone. Here are some helpful guidelines.

The first people to be told should be the bride's parents and both of you should be present to tell them in person. If they do not live nearby, an excited phone call from the bride to her parents is acceptable and then tries to schedule a time for them to meet the groom if they have not met him. If the groom has not discussed his plans with his parents, they should be the next to know the big news.

Both sets of parents should get together for introductions, either in a home or a restaurant. This gathering can be a time to talk about some of the wedding details like the number of guests and kind of wedding you two are planning After parents are informed, next you'll want to let close friends and relatives know. You may write or call them individually or you may wish to surprise them all at once and announce your news at a family gathering or party.

Engagement parties have traditionally been hosted by the bride's parents though you and your finance may elect to host the party yourselves. Once the date and some details have been agreed upon, an announcement, usually by the bride's parents may be published. Newspapers provide a form that is to be completed and submitted with an engagement photograph. The engagement is normally not announced prior to one year before the wedding and not later than six weeks ahead of the ceremony date.