Getting Out the Message

We encourage our brides to talk about their wedding plans so that we can help them with their invitations. Save-the-date cards are an important part of your plans, especially if the bride is inviting many out-of-town guests or if the wedding is being celebrated over a holiday weekend. Ideally, they are sent out as early as six months prior to the wedding. Because invitations offer guests a sneak preview of the tone and formality of the wedding, much thought should be given to the selection. Formal wording should be used for formal and church weddings. Individuality can be expressed by choosing unique sizes, textures, colors, overlays and ribbons. While announcements are nice to send to those friends who live far away, invitations are a bit more personal and give the recipient a chance to attend or not. Unless the wedding is an ultra intimate affair, a reply card with a self-stamped, preaddressed envelope should be enclosed. Optional enclosures can be added such as dinner preferences, or, if it is a weekend affair, guests may be given the option to choose activities they would like to attend. Invitations should be mailed ten to twelve weeks before the event, especially to guests that are far away.

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