Cutting Wedding Costs Tips

When we first say "yes", we usually have no real idea about what the dream day will cost; of course many of us are surprised at how quickly expenses can add up. Keep that happy smile and joy in your heart because there are lots of ways to cut costs and still have Your Dream Wedding. This is a series of tips for cutting costs based expert strategies and recently married brides and grooms.

Are you really saving by stocking up on sale items you might need? Absolutely Not! Don't get carried away thinking you are going to save money by stocking up on gadgets you see online or elsewhere. By all means, if you have a real need for seventy-five do-hickies, then buy them, but don't buy with a vague plan in mind, it is wasteful and eats at your budget, and creeps you closer to going over budget and not having the funds you need for that centerpiece.

Every cent counts! Start saving change in a jar, you will be pleasantly surprised and how quickly the loose change grows. I once started taking all my change (small and large bills and coins) and put in a jar. The goal was to buy a new phone and wanted to see how much I could save. I was quite surprised when I tallied up the bills and coins in a short 6 month span; over $130! Start your change savings.

Must you invite your best friends, sister's uncle's cousin that you have not seen since you were five? You may not know what the person look like. A wedding is about sharing your special day with family and friends, usually people you socialize with frequently. However, if you have platinum dollars, invite them, if not, consider a small guest list. On average, ten percent of guest invited do not attend. Use the money to splurge on reception favors or whatever you like.

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